In the capital’s zoo to hatch Chicks of rare white-tailed eagles. This species of raptors listed in the Red book, said the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

"the birth of kids of the white-tailed eagle is an important event for the zoo. Secretive predators rarely produce offspring in captivity, if they are concerned about the noise of visitors. Zoologists have created for a pair of birds the conditions close to natural", – said the General Director of the Moscow zoo Svetlana Akulova. According to her, for the birds was a secluded place where they can relax from the city zoo.

Eagles in special niches in the decorative rocks are taken out to the offspring. To do this they had to build a nest of birch and fir branches.

"both the mother and father sat on the eggs and after hatching were fed together, the offspring", – said Akulov.

The Chicks are about two months hiding from prying eyes in the nest, their safety was watched by the parents. In this context, ornithologists have not visited the newborn Chicks. In appearance, according to experts, could hatch a male and a female. So, the female is much larger than its brother, allow zoologists.

At the moment the Chicks alone take the food. The basic diet of the white-tailed eagles that live in the zoo, are rodents, quail, carp, herring, and salmon.

These Chicks will soon reach the size of adult birds, but their bodies while covered in baby feathers. Find new inhabitants of the zoo there is a cage "Rock of birds of prey," he is the old territory of the zoo. In addition to parents and two Chicks, there is an adult female.

Eagles in nature can be found almost on all territory of Eurasia. Predators have almost completely disappeared by the beginning of XX century. They live in nature for about 25 years.

Earlier, the four baby Gazelle born in zootsentr Moscow zoo. It is noted that in the Center of the reproduction of gazelles inhabits 11.