However, as in early summer, the weather will be uneven, with periods of warming and cooling. Before the end of this week, the hottest weather is expected in the Volga and the Urals. In the Sverdlovsk region, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Orenburg air is heated to 36-38 degrees Celsius. And the hot dry air comes back from Central Asia and Kazakhstan. In the Samara and Orenburg regions the temperature reaches 40 degrees.

Moscow weather Vilfand compared with polar. The coolness that has been set today in the capital, more characteristic, for example, Naryan-Mar, above the Arctic circle. But by the weekend in Moscow will become warmer. At the same time the rains end. But next week the heat is not projected in the capital will be within plus 19-24 degrees.

the Unstable climatic situation in Russia has been going on for six months. The beginning of June in many regions of Russia turned out to be abnormally cold. Then abruptly warmed. July is rain and thunderstorms. Thus while in some regions of the country, established 40-degree heat, others in the middle of summer is more reminiscent of early fall. This is a consequence of global climate change, emphasizes Vilfand.

climate Change leads to increasing dangerous phenomena. For example, these are rare for temperate latitudes phenomena as tornadoes. “In the Institute of atmospheric physics analyzed the possibility of tornadoes in Russia. There’s even noted that there are tornadoes, which no one knew. For example, which pass through the forest. And came to the conclusion that the number of tornadoes will increase. This is due to the variability of weather,” – said the meteorologist. According to him, global warming leads to nervousness of the weather. She is very hot, then very cold.

such anomalous events will be repeated more often. “For example, the frequency of occurrence of the so-called heat waves will increase. This is when the temperature is above normal to five degrees lasts more than five days. “Heat wave” refer to hazardous phenomena, as, according to doctors, the human body begins to occur in complex biochemical processes, is able to trigger the development of dangerous diseases,” – said Vilfand.

But this year longer than usual may be the velvet season at black sea resorts. According to Vilfand, it can last all through September and even capture October.

the Weatherman reminded that the autumn season means the same temperature as the air and water. This is the most comfortable time for rest and recovery. He noted that the Russian resorts will often be observed anticyclonic weather regime that will lead to the fact that the temperature will keep growing.