using a special smart cameras mounted on the cab, the harvester moves along the optimal trajectory. If on the way there some object (e.g. person), the autopilot stops the machine, preventing the hindrance to the operator.

Today, many manufacturers in the world are trying to create unmanned harvesters, but they operate in relation to satellite systems and just move along set trajectories. And here the camera takes and processes information itself, focusing on the actual image field, and it is not linked to any cards. For the demonstration used two combines “Torum 750” Rostov combine plant, but generally the camera with the intelligent recognition system can be connected to any machine.

the Whole system from the “iron fillings” and until software is done in Russia. It was invented by three young Russian programmer, and a few years ago the stake in the project was bought by Sberbank. Therefore, the company’s head, German Gref personally arrived to look, as the know-how, and even rode inside the vehicle with a mechanic local agribusinesses.

the Intelligent assistant is not yet perfect, but it collects and analyzes its own experience. The more data will be collected and analyzed by the system, the more accurate will be the analyst. Now the photos of the grain, which falls into the bunker, it learns to estimate the average grain yield and level of weed impurities. On the field it can distinguish the 20 most popular crops which are grown in Russia, and to adjust the harvester for them.

the Cost of one system is still quite high, several hundred thousand rubles, but the developers are working on cost reduction. In addition, by saving human resources and improving the efficiency of agricultural machines it pays for itself in one or two seasons, experts say.

opponents of the new technology believe that “smart machines” will begin to take jobs in the village, but it is not so. Just people who are now engaged in a monotonous work can switch to a more complex and creative tasks that require only manual labor. For example, now in the South of Russia the real boom of winemaking and organic farming – and in these areas without the man does not.

global Competition becomes tougher, and those countries that will remain with the old technology, just at risk of losing its position in the global food market.

it is Worth noting that its unmanned systems are developing and a few agricultural machine-building factories of Russia. One of them plan to formally introduce in a few days, and also in Rostov-on-don.

A. sheviakov, combine:

I’m five years worked on the grain harvester �� three years on the silage. But then still had solid mechanics. And now that fancy equipment! Sow the tractor, and the tractor only at the edges expands. And the rest of the time sitting in the cockpit drinking tea, and the tractor is operated by itself, rides smoothly.

But no matter how everything is computerized, without human intervention it is difficult to imagine the combine in the field. For example, when there is some kind of emergency situation, such as belt breaks, the instrument will give an alarm. And the problem will have to be eliminated anyway in the manual mode. People should be always there in the cab.