Stuck in Bali because of the pandemic the Russian skater has complained of harassment

the Russian skater Elena Sokratova spoke about the negative reaction of the people that she had left on the island of Bali in a pandemic coronavirus. Her words leads to “CHempionata”.

“Write envious people who have nothing to do. I think so. And if talking about me and my looks, I guess I sympathize with them,” said Sohrakoff. She noted that she is unpleasant to hear bad things from people who do not know its history.

she considered that not to blame in this situation, since he left on the deserved rest after the season. “Left on their own earned money. And evacuation is paid, I will append it to 40 thousand rubles. And I’ll pay the money myself out of pocket,” she concluded.

In mid-March Sohrakoff with a partner on the team Anna Draft went on vacation to Indonesia and was unable to fly back due to the flight cancellations related to the pandemic coronavirus. Later, the athlete said that rejoices forced prolonged vacation.