Mospeada launches a series of environmental tests

Everyone will be able online to test the knowledge in the field of ecology. Mospeada staff has prepared a series of thematic tests. The first is devoted to the Day of environmental knowledge, which is celebrated on April 15.

the history of the holiday originates from the UN conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, which discussed the environmental problems and emphasized the importance of environmental education of the population.

Participants will be 10 questions about the environment, separate waste collection, biology and protected business. The test results will be available immediately. It is available for reference.

In the near future there will be other aldiktan on environmental dates such as the Day of snowdrop (April 19), the Day of the sun (may 3), the migratory bird Day (may 9). Links to them can be found on the official pages Mospeada in social networks using hashtag #Akademtechnopark, as well as news on the website Mospeada.