Heir of the famous artist Nikas Safronov Luka Zatravkin admitted that he decided to lose weight after a bad experience in sex.

Publish from the Bow Safronov, Zatravkin (@lukasafronovofficial) 7 Feb 2020 6:11 PST

Luka Zatravkin told reporters about a curious event that occurred to him some time ago. According to the young person once they are with one of his girlfriends came to the hotel to spend time. They were "madly in love with each other".

Awkward to talk about it, but some time ago I got to the hotel with one of his girls wanted us to be constantly together, – quotes the words of the musician "Companion".

However, the room which they rented was not a large double bed and two single, United one. Sweethearts, this fact does not bother, and they went to, why come to the hotel. According to Luke Zatravkin, initially all went well, but after a few minutes the situation has changed: she began to moan and scream louder. Son of Nikas Safronov has decided that his partner thus showing your emotions and not immediately realized what happened.

– apparently not. Found that at some point the bed parted and my girl fell down. But I this due to the weight didn’t even notice! – said the musician.

Despite all the awkwardness, the mistress of Luke Zatravkin reacted calmly to the situation. They even dated for a while. However, the young man is sure that the confusion of this kind can have a negative impact on the male psyche .

Thank God, I’ve been persistent young man.

Although at the moment the only time in my life I think about the fact that I need to lose weight, summed up the heir of a famous artist.

Earlier edition VSE42.Ru reported that the son Safronov commented on the weight loss Fadeeva 100 kg.