the components of the risk management, the online shop of Colruyt group, will be temporarily closed. The best in the online shop on his website. Components of the risk management can be the huge crowds the past few weeks now, and took, therefore, the site equally offline as well. But for those who already ordered, have no fear.

“our current orders are to speed up the process, we have to take up to and including the 6th of april while the new orders any more”, which writes the components of the risk management on its website. The online store will be the huge influx of orders now, and have decided, therefore, to have a few days in the shop offline.

if you have a package you ordered, you will still receive it. “Don’t worry, we can lose your order to be sure to keep an eye on. Quite to the contrary! Our staff will do everything to make your order as quickly as possible, no additional delay”, what it sounds like.

On the 7th of april will be in the shop again, to get a place.

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