Russian tourist Catherine Fionova shared his impressions about staying at one of the luxury hotels on the Bank of Turgoyak lake in the southern Urals. A native of Yekaterinburg did not expect to be spending your weekend as a nightmare.

Catherine said E1.RU that first disappointed her accommodation. In the rooms for 7.2 thousand rubles a day did not have air conditioning. Due to the wild heat of the guests had to sleep with the window open, with the result that they were mosquito bites. The icing on the cake was the lack of in room hot water.

she has complained that at night her sleep was broken by a drunken rowdy, who lived in the same property. “From 4 to 6 am on the pier in front of the building, they staged a wild party”, — said the interlocutor of the portal. At the reception of her complaint to the brawlers ignored and this despite the fact that the rules of the hotel the noise after 23:00 is prohibited.

in addition, according to Fonovoi, the hotel management without notice canceled previously booked a ride on a yacht worth 6.5 thousand rubles, referring to some of the competition.

“I came back from vacation a dirty, mosquito-bitten, sleep-deprived and frustrated. About food I’m not even talking. Blue omelet for Breakfast is probably the least of evils,” said Catherine. Girl from Yekaterinburg said that it intends to demand a refund for a spoiled holiday.

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