the Decision of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on the extension of possibility of withdrawal of dividends abroad tax suggests that the country “will continue derbanit”. About this in his Telegram-the channel written by the expert on the economy, Yury Pronko.

Accordingly he responded to adopted after consultation with businesses the decision to extend until 2024 to transfer dividends abroad tax free, if de facto right to them belongs to tax residents of the Russian Federation.

“Ordinary citizens — the increase of taxes, levies and other charges favourites — special conditions of withdrawal of money from Russia,” — shared his point of view Pronko.

the fact that the Ministry of Finance agreed to establish a three-year (from 2021 to 2024) transitional period, allowing Russian companies to pay dividends abroad at a tax rate of 0%, RBC reported the press service of the Ministry. According to the publication, a revised draft law submitted to the government.

Earlier Pronko criticized the proposal to return the penalties for non-payment of services of housing and communal services and called the housing sector is a black hole.