Stas Peha talked about dependency generation. The singer frankly admitted “MK” that one acquires bad habits not only his will, terrible illnesses are often the traits of heredity.

Stas Peha has repeatedly admitted his addiction as a teenager, he got addicted to hard drugs. The artist managed to pull itself from the bottom, now he helps others “dependent” people. But the ghosts of the past don’t seem to leave the musician.

on the Eve of the Stas has published a strange post on Instagram.

“you Know, there are family legends type -“We Ivanovs, all such (used points showing obscene word) hardworking and stick together”, – said Stas with fans. – Cool design I believe in. Even those who are in the family, for example, Ivanov, every day exposed to the insults or condemnation, to the infinite requirements of the ideal or indifference, etc. Believe and broken down, and what to believe, not in my family. Even if it’s just facade work is being done, without finishing. And then the person grows and reproduces what he knows. With the best of intentions, you can even say – “Out of love”. And again… the scenery, faces, legends! In the end, the whole race broadcasts one monstrous (used points showing obscene word). “No matter how you feel, it is important that people think of it!” And it becomes a slogan, next generation”.

These words, as we considered the Stas described adolescence and difficulties in relations with parents and the famous grandma Edita Stanislavovna Piekha. To his sentimental text, the singer also added a photo where he is 12 years old… “In the photo I am 12 and I know that will never necked popsovik my ancestors,” he put an end to his revelations Stas. We asked the artist for comments. And it was much deeper: “MK” Stas openly admitted that he really meant his words.

– the fact that I am engaged in narcology and psychiatry, it is foolish to treat addiction as a disease arising out of the use of alcohol or drugs, began Stas. – It is obvious that at the genetic level, at the level of family letters, legends and dysfunctions, is made dependent personality…

Explain what that means?

– before first use, and may use this person will be internal only their “drugs” – fear, shame, abandonment issues, anxiety… I am convinced that people in our country need to work with family messages and paralegalism (a codependency). Attaching your child’s photo and a quote of his nihilistic teenage years, I can draw attention to this problem, because the usual psychological posts without the “tI” no interest! Here you immediately responded. So someone else try to understand – and what the singer says?