the Network grappled Joseph Prigogine and Sergey Shnurov. And the right would have a falling out over some woman. No — do not share financial situation! Prigogine called it “monstrous” and that the product is wrote sarcastic poems: “Not a facade, and plywood/I [mean], uncle Iosya,/in Misery with an aunt Leroy?/From tops cooking meals?/The bark already eat?”

the Word in brackets is replaced by the author as obscene. Without the Mat Cords can not — a gift, whether that was in February last year, a member of the Public Council under the Russian state Duma Committee on culture. The next day, Sunday, took the word again Prigogine. It also turned out to be abusive: “than [to make fun] and writing poems”, it is necessary to ask about what was discussed.

So what was she going?

Joseph Prigozhin in an interview lamented the plight of the artists of the pop industry. They say that even stars of the first magnitude gutted their cushion of financial security, not to speak of others. And then it immediately fell into heresy. Because to unite the divine Olympus, which is inhabited by Russian stars, with ordinary artists of show business — that would be folded into one vial flight attendants and airline owners, shift workers and those who, in fact, owns oil and gas deposits. And suffer all at once.

to appeal to the support of the oligarchs, who lowered their position in the ranking of “Forbes”, and people who do not have enough food. Even the state benefits for children, for example, Galkina, who continues to work today is not something for Kirkorov, who has no concerts, still the first and the second very far from those fathers whose families perebudova only here on these benefits.

Therefore to hinder all in one heap is the statistics where the average income of the population the salary of the Deputy develops with unemployment and is divided in half.

But the Cord in this case was not the case. Prigogine rights in half of its promise — those providing for the existence of the entertainment industry: dancers, musicians, decorators, costume designers, distributors, — they really very distress, and it is unclear if they’ll survive or drown, dragged along with the showbiz industry. Because only a dozen of the superstar industry does not hold, and professionalism of thousands of people involved there, accumulating for decades.

And then, today is in trouble not only little-known artists who, say, singing in restaurants and toured the rural hinterland, but also the authors — poets, composers, those who do not bother creating a side business a La laundries and dry cleaners, and knew only one thing — to write good songs. But no performances from their performers — no charge for creative content, in such a situation, the matter really mcan reach the tops.

So Shnurov, which today may be obmelchal diamonds, don’t make fun of other people’s plates empty soup.

And then, of course, ridiculous. Two very wealthy person, who continually show themselves on Instagram in the entourage of expensive wine, good food, beautiful clothes, against their own apartment, suddenly thinking about need. How, then, is that what you live today, ordinary representatives of show business, since March-April is not receiving any income? Poverty? Extinction?

…what about the sausages that Cord in the finale of his poems with a share of neglect proposed by Prigogine for? I know many who have them today are not refused.