this season, many celebrities, like ordinary citizens, are forced to forget about foreign resorts and the rest in Russia. Some stars have already returned to Russian resorts and told about his holiday.

Dana Borisova took the daughter of Pauline and pet Misha in Sochi. The family stayed there for ten days and have now returned to Moscow. In an interview WomanHit the presenter told us that overall she had a good time, although some details of the rest of her was not pleased. “The price of the overpriced hotels. Especially the hotels in Sochi know all. Like in the Soviet style, but the accommodation in these hotels for ten days with her daughter would have cost us 340 thousand is, of course, unaffordable. So we found a hotel, which gave 74 thousand along with Breakfast” — shared was Given.

Vacation with Pets requires additional cost. For the opportunity to carry on Board the dog had to pay five and a half thousand rubles, and for the accommodation of the Bears in the hotel — eighteen. Heavy traffic in summer, Sochi is almost led to tragedy: on one of the pedestrian crossings the dog This almost killed the car. But it was the only unpleasant experience star resting. The rest has done without adventures. “A couple of evenings we visited the elite nightlife… Also in the evenings walking along the promenade early or just went to bed. I generally led a healthy lifestyle,” — said Dana.

Boris Grachevsky and his wife Ekaterina Belotserkovsky also spent a few days in Sochi. In early April the family had a son, and here the star’s parents first decided to leave the baby for a few days with grandma and go on vacation. “Moved in with friends, right on the seafront, metres 200-300. It is not far from Sochi, where the purest water. Also lived a few days in the city. The city, by the way, came alive, though the price tag beyond good and evil”, — said Boris Grachevskiy.

the couple love to spend time on the beach, visited a peach orchard, and even went to the casino. Really great success in the world of gambling is not achieved.