on 21 June, the country celebrated the Day of the doctor. With screens poured words of gratitude to the medical staff, the President again ordered to pay a decent mark-up. The country applauded the heroes.

a Nurse from St. Petersburg Alexander Marchenko did not feel involved in the celebration. She worked in a temporary hospital in “Lenexpo”. No allowances have not received. Was sent to the output as “disagree” with the conditions.

Clean the pots patients and waxing the hospital floors, scrubbing toilets – the story is not about medicine. Nurses – the lowest link in the healthcare system: the miserable wages, no respect, they are not worthy of awards and cash prizes. It does not matter that the person worked in the “red zone”.

During a pandemic, the Russian hospital was faced with an acute shortage of staff. Almost every hospital required doctors, nurses, orderlies.

In St. Petersburg into a temporary hospital “Lenexpo” for davidnyc patients urgently recruited the medical staff.

Alexander Marchenko were not related to medicine. Started coronavirus, a woman lost her main job, decided to help the country.

I Saw the announcement that the “Lenexpo” are nurses. Decided to serve for the good of society. I was interviewed, I was accepted. Formed to work as a nurse on fixed-term contract. At the consultation said if you need a special crust. I replied: “Not necessarily,” the conversation of the interviewee.

Alexander promised a minimum salary plus supplements – presidential and Governor’s allowance. Total amount to be released from 35 to 50 thousand rubles. Not a lot, but the crisis you can survive.

on may 19, Alexander was reassigned.

What were your responsibilities?

– We changed the diapers of the patients, cleaned a huge room Lenexpo, handing out food to the sick.

Before you report for duty, instructing you performed?

– No, just explained how to wear suits. Those who had me settled, he told me that the chief physician and epidemiologist promised to conduct on-site training. But nothing held.

When you went to work, I saw?

By that time, in the premises of “Lenexpo” has already begun the floods. The building was converted to haste, so defects could not be avoided. For example, there was no trap for a shower drain, the toilet and sewage pipes all tech.

Wrote that in “Lenexpo” hit the ceiling?

– the Ceiling collapsed in the staff lounge. Apparently, the foam plate cracked and fell. Nothing terrible has happened. No one was hurt.

the flood situation was more serious. First “ran” shower, because it was not draining. Imagine patients wash water accumulates on the floor, flowing in ��WC in the corridor.

Then “ran” the sewer pipe in the toilet. Lately my work has been that the entire time we spent in the toilet to bail. The day carried twelve 10 litre buckets. Water was gathering at the ankle. We came out with soaking wet feet.

At the same time punish our nurse because she did not comply with safety rules, it is not buttoned the gown. The woman was fined a decent amount. And the fact that the nurses went with wet feet and could catch a virus, fungus, nobody cared.

And I wore socks on the shoes, top running shoes, polyethylene Shoe covers on them – but the protection did not save the situation. At some point water got to the electrical cables that were all over the place. Patients worried have posted pictures of this horror in social networks. Reaction – zero.

– have You complained to management?

I wrote in our chat request to disconnect the other side of the room where there was water. Explained that nurses are afraid to remove the water. I refused. However, women withdrew from this work, sent in a dangerous place guys-techs. I guess they have spare lives in the nightstand.

Special shoes you were given?

– I asked to the nurses who work in the toilets, to issue rubber boots to protect the feet from infection. In “Lenexpo” at that time there were about 500 patients. They bathed, went to the Loo. Some of them moved on the Walker or crutches. The boots didn’t give us. I was asked to provide a special pumps, which would pump water. I refused.

– What did you removed the water?

– the Usual rags, cut blankets. The hospitals were modern mops with the mops, but they are not enough. We complained. We replied, “Oh, you used the mops to clean. There is a wooden MOP and a rag, that wash”. The last time I scrubbed the floor with a blanket and a wooden MOP.

you Have to understand that the premises of “Lenexpo” – the giant, it’s two football fields. We still had washing machines, but they are under the bed will not go in the booths where patients are not removed.

Patients have complained about?

– Complained and posted the video on the Internet. But such images quickly blocked. Guys-orderlies who shot the video, was threatened with a polygraph, they say, the hospital staff have no right to leak information.

– you patients are not broke?

– we are sympathetic, none were broken. Saw how hard we to draw water for six hours in protective suits. Besides, the masks are badly pass air, we went heavy, we suffered from constant headaches from working in a bent condition. Patients directly and tell��and: “Girls, we feel sorry for you”. Suggested us to ask for help roadside assistance. Addressed. Zero response. The above goals can not jump.

“I Think medicine is something noble”

on 17 June Alexander was part of the salary for may – 13 117 thousand rubles.

I called the accounting Department. Asked: “Where are my bonuses?”. I said, “You are not a medic, just train, you allowance not rely”. I had to remind that when applying for a job, I was warned that the health of a crust is not necessary, – continues Alexander. – And, I suspected that this turn of events is possible, therefore, 3 Jun independently completed courses nurse remotely. Paid 5,500 rubles. Got the official certificate. But, when shown the document, I heard: “You do not have time for the may payment.”

– are You one who are underpaid?

– We are such a change 10. And it’s not just people from the street like me. Some employees were transferred from other hospitals. Among them – the barmaid, chef, housekeeper, cleaners of industrial premises, which quit working in “Lenexpo” exhibition complex covenyi patients under threat of dismissal. They all signed a contract as nurses. But the evidence about what can work staff, they did not have. We all worked at the hospital as a team because people lacked. In addition to cleaning the floors, even unanimously carried carts of food to patients, physically one barmaid could not cope.

– They also received 13 thousand?

– I Have this amount left in less than a month. The other, perhaps slightly more, but the presidential allowances, like no one had. I asked for an official response on the hotline. I received a response from the physician that the payment is not due you, because of sanitary crust I got in June. Although worked since may 19.

You are the only one of the nurses “Lenexpo”, who began to talk about the problem openly?

– I have nothing to lose. I’m not going to be in this job. Those who work long time in medicine, are afraid to complain. Over coronavirus, people will return to their hospitals is not known, as they will meet after such a fuss.

Most of my colleagues – people of retirement and pre-retirement age. When I asked them to unite and speak out against injustice with payments, only three people agreed to support me. The other said, “Sasha, I’m sorry, but we’re not ready. We have mortgages, children, we are afraid to lose work.”

two days before the celebration of the Day of the doctor Alexander was fired.

– I was called the elder sister of the temporary hospital, announced that the epidemiological situation is improving, so my services the hospital no longer needs. Although city officials say that hospitals in St. Petersburg p��napolneny. Put the money I have not paid. Fired me and two other dissenters guys who aren’t afraid to publicly talk about the problems. The other “draftees” work.

– Repair in “Lenexpo” do?

When I left the repair work was carried out in the half which originally had a leak. As far as I know, now in the second half of the hospital also flowed water. Don’t know what is happening there now. Don’t want to be interested in the problems of the hospital.

I used to work in commercial organizations, this is my first experience in the public sector. Thought the institution – the guarantor of stability, and it turned out that not so. Medicine I thought something noble, no doubt – is not deceived. And especially could not imagine that the health workers may not pay put money but people will dismiss the truth.

Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg hospitals are still in need of personnel. Vacancies for the post of nurses galore. In the line of rates indicated: “a Decent standard of wages from 40 thousand roubles.”