In the camp of Donald trump rage of passion due to the low turnout of supporters with a Republican President for the first since the beginning of the pandemic mass meeting with him, arranged at Tulsa (Oklahoma). Although applications for participation in the meeting have submitted hundreds of thousands of people, the actual figure came to hear trump was much more modest.

The indoor arena, where Saturday night was the tramp with his first in a pandemic COVID-19 pre-election speech was empty the whole sector in the spectator area.

the Organizers of the event expect a total of 19 thousand spectators, the arena will accommodate 12 thousand participants of the rally trunovskogo. It was assumed that trump will give short speeches and outside the arena – for those who could not get inside.

However, according to the fire service Tulsa, in reality, came only 6,200 people. And the President outside the stadium simply canceled.

rumor has it that trump was furious because of the low turnout of his supporters, especially since they arranged the meeting in Tulsa was preceded by long discussions about the appropriateness of holding such a mass event on the background of the continuing epidemic of coronavirus.

According to NBC, trump was especially angry that even before he left the capital district of Columbia, his assistants published the fact that six members of the organizing Committee in Tulsa tested positive for COVID-19.

But CNN claims that the President’s daughter Ivanka trump and trompovsky son-in-law Jared Kushner “angry” that the campaign Manager for Donald trump’s brad Parscale promised huge crowds. It is not excluded, that supply its trump also said earlier that more than a million people wanted to participate in the rally.

In a statement, Pascal explained the low attendance of the meeting in Tulsa that the “fake media” warned the people from the event due to coronavirus and protests.

the growth in the number of cases COVID-19 in the state of Oklahoma the public health authorities warned about the risks associated with the holding of mass meetings indoors. The organizers of the rally speech, trump demanded that the participants wore masks. Some observers have suggested that the fear of the virus could prevent some of the President’s supporters to attend the rally.

the Headquarters of the trump also said that the protesters blocked the entrances and metal detectors, not allowing people to go to a meeting. However, who were present in the reporters claim that not seen evidence of such tactics.

But there were also more “extreme”, which are blamed for disrupting the activities of trump. As reported, the number of people wishing to get tickets for the Saturday rally the President was overestimated by young users of social media platforms TikTok, who had applied, but then deliberately ignored the election meeting.

the Schema disruption of the rally implemented the young people and fans of Korean popular music, K-Pop (why they have shown in this case political activity, it is difficult to say, although it is known that in the US, it is quite powerful and close-knit community, who had previously “spotted” in the shares in assets against “racist” hashtags) that I ordered tickets to the event with no intention to go there.

As reported by the New York Times, this scheme emerged after the June 11 tweet from campaign trump (@TeamTrump), to promote a free online registration and registration through mobile phones. The TikTok app, young users began to encourage subscribers to join the campaign.

In TikTok young people shared their screenshots, using zip codes in district of Tulsa to reserve the place, not intending to appear at the rally. Young “saboteurs,” according to The Guardian, it took only a fleeting knowledge of how to create a fake email address and get a fake number from Google Voice to create multiple accounts and conditionally reserve hundreds of places.

“trump tried to suspend the voting rights of millions of Americans in different ways, and for me it was a protest that I could realize”, – quotes The Guardian 18-year-old new Yorker Erin Hoffman. She had reserved two tickets and convinced one of the parents to book two.

If you find that do users originally appeared on Chinese soil TikTok and fans of South Korean pop music has seriously affected the attendance at meetings trump with supporters in Oklahoma, the team of the President of the United States there is a reason to make some noise about a foreign trace in the election campaign.