the Historical truth, according to the author of the essay, is that only one country in the world – the Soviet Union could defeat Nazi Germany. Won at the cost of enormous casualties and destruction. The entire European part of the USSR lay in ruins.

the Teacher describes the political situation in the country during the Second world war. In the “terrible Twister” was involved many dozens of countries. Don’t pass it, and Afghanistan. In the late 30’s-early 40-ies in the country turned invisible, but very important battle. In addition to the strategic offensive in the Soviet Union, Hitler was preparing a breakthrough in the “jewel of the British crown” – India. To strike in this direction was prepared by the 17 divisions. The operation was to begin after the capture of Stalingrad and the North Caucasus. Previously for the preparation of this operation in Afghanistan under the guise of geologists, engineers, builders, scientists, economists, teachers introduced more than 3 thousand representatives of Germany. Their task was to mobilize the forces of the former Basmachi and the organization of strikes against the Soviet republics of Central Asia. While preparing the rebellion Pashtun tribes, which, if successful, constrained to a significant number of British troops and facilitated the passage of the fascist divisions to India.

“to abort this operation was possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Soviet Union and the UK – said the teacher. They managed to convince the Afghan government is in extreme danger for the country these plans.”

the Russian language unfortunately says that today’s political and economic situation in his country leaves much to be desired. For nearly 19 years, the United States and its allies are fighting international terrorism and “build democracy” has already been spent on it, as was stated in the Congress of the United States, over two trillion dollars. “As a result of Afghanistan on all fronts has stalled: because of dual power developing political crisis, corruption gained unprecedented scale, people have lost confidence in the government, army and police control only about half of the territory…”, he muses.

However, there are, in the opinion of a specialist in Russian, good news: “Russia’s Credibility among Afghans is very high. Thousands of young people who are studying the Russian language, many would like to study in Russian universities. Last year Russia has allocated to Afghanistan 365 training places at the expense of its budget. The number of participants willing amounted to 6.2 thousand people, the competition has exceeded 17 candidates in one place.”