After a little over a year at the highest state post, the President has confessed to a corruption act. An official statement published on the website of the office of the President, became the main surprise of the day. Who “leaked” the National Agency for prevention of corruption compromising still the most popular of the current “steering” the former Soviet republics is unknown. But the defendant in a corruption scandal announced it was ready to give myself to justice.

the lawyers of the Office of the President has managed to “self-flagellation” of Vladimir Aleksandrovich in the most “digestible” for ordinary Ukrainians form. Zelensky offence is “failure to file their notice of significant changes in property status”.

In 2019, the Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena Zelensky received the funds in repayment value of the bonds OVDP (bills) $ 5 million 100 thousand hryvnias ($188 million). After that, the couple bought OVDP 5, 2 mln. ($192 thousand). The value of these bonds was more than 50 times the subsistence minimum, which implied notice Zelensky domestic financial bodies. In particular, Vladimir A. within 10 days from the date of purchase and the sale of bonds had to submit to the Registry returns a message of “significant changes in property status”.

Alas, the Registry, either then or in 2020 such notification is not received.

Pessimistic the release of the President’s Office completes the following statement: “Vladimir Zelensky emphasizes that all Ukrainian citizens are equal before the Law.” 42-year-old leader of the Republic “is ready to bear the responsibility for breach in accordance with applicable Law.”

the Townsfolk immediately reminded “repentant corrupt” on his repeated promises to leave the presidency in the case of at least one major violation of the Law.

Some of this when I remembered an old scandal with one of the top leadership of friendly Ukraine Israel. Solid man suddenly appeared in the tel Aviv telecentre and haltingly told the compatriots about his resignation. Revealed the following: the state official were “illegal” Bank account, where from time to time received undeclared funds. And here is an Israeli investigative journalist did not spare his blood and transferred to the Bank account a certain amount. Upon completion of the transaction, the colleague told the Israelites: their leader is a banal fraud.

of Course, nobody in Ukraine is waiting for Zelensky such “sacrificial steps”. If only for recognition in the financial dishonesty of the young President will not follow the new disclosures.

For most Ukrainians priobreteniee OVDP, particularly in the current cash-strapped period, is impermissible. “Input the amount” banks should be equal to one million hryvnia – or “the game” makes no sense “to invest”, the entire profit of “devour” the Commission…