This draw has been held every year since 1812. It is worth 2.4 billion euros ($2.7 million) or 70% of ticket sales.

The number 86148 in this year’s top prize number is awarded 400,000 euros (or 328,000 euros after taxes).

Javier Monino Paniagua was a seller of lottery tickets at Madrid’s central Atocha station. He said that his outlet sold tickets worth 520 million euros ($588m).

He said that the prizewinners of those tickets could be scattered throughout the country, as the stall is located right next to the platform where high-speed trains depart for many parts of Spain.

He claimed he purchased some tickets but didn’t win the top prize.

In the days leading up to the lottery, people queue up for hours to grab their 20-euro tickets at the most popular sellers.

They can be bought for yourself or as gifts. They can also be bought by friends, family, or colleagues.

While other lotteries offer higher individual prizes, Spain’s Christmas lottery is the most lucrative for its total prize money.

Despite an increasing number of coronavirus infections — Spain scored Tuesday its pandemic record for new infections with almost 50,000 cases in one day — Madrid’s Teatro Real operahouse was full of spectators after last year’s hiatus.

Children from Madrid’s San Ildefonso School call out the prizewinning numbers. They are followed by celebratory street scenes and bars featuring winners who celebrate with sparkling wines.

The state runs the lottery and it supports many charities.