recently, Bari Alibasov Jr. announced that he had found under the mattress of the bed, his voodoo doll. After the consultation with the doctor-Biofizika, says Alibasov, it turned out that the doll tried to charge at the death. Although real scientists, of course, would call all this nonsense.

Commenting on the incident site WomanHit, the son of the producer said that the doll was planted in the house about two or three years ago. “Just when they got married and Shukshina, — said the son Alibasov. And I’m starting to suspect that men Lydia Nikolaevna did not die just like that. When this doll I found, I had several options of what we’re trying to do. From psychological pressure to believe that there really is some kind of black magic.”

However, Alibasov Jr. is confident that truth is on the side of his family, and now the son of the producer is only concerned about the health of his father. According to Junior Alibasov Bari Karimovich to be as fast as possible to get a divorce, but it will have to undergo examination for competence, and this producer is not yet ready.