the Actor Sergey Garmash has announced his departure from “Contemporary”. Meanwhile, on Friday mid-day the theatre opened its 65th season. And for the first time in its history the company gathering took place behind closed doors. Why? Why so afraid of the new head of the “Contemporary” Viktor Ryzhakov, appointed to the leadership chair almost to the day of the funeral Volchek? What happened behind closed doors and what the current atmosphere in the team?

July 31, 2020 will go down in history as the Day the closed doors and a sharp departure from the troupe Sergei Garmash, as he suddenly said at the gathering, making the bombshell.

the atmosphere of the collection could be called skittish — were all waiting, if not rebellion, then the showdown with the new chief. Accumulated, you know, during the pandemic and questions, and grievances and claims, although it would seem that the isolation we have had. And what this had done, Victor A., has worked as a creative Director online little more than two months? It turns out that a lot of things. And something rustled in a private chat room, the artists and the staff of the theater, openly stated only one — the first artist (and first zaslugam) Sergei Garmash.

so, as we said a source (not one) of the theatre of the first half of the meeting, somewhere around hour broadcast, creative Director at Ryzhakov. About the plans (they’re big) about human values (they are the most advanced and, above all). Stop speaking about the values and the human factor: that when Rysakove in the first half of his reign, in the theater under the reduction were not actors, and the most vulnerable — ushers, janitors, cloakroom attendants. Tell me how he mounted the theory with the practice? According to the principle “flies separately, cutlets separately”?

Obviously, afflicted the same as I, issues, the meeting raised the oldest actress of theatre Elena Millioti and directly asked: “Is it possible to fire people, and with a lot of experience and small salaries, in such a difficult period in a pandemic?” In response, she heard and all metal tone of voice: “the Decision is dictated by economic considerations.” Here’s to you and all humanity, which is so fond of talking of the masters of culture, a right and left liberal values.

But as soon as it comes not of man in General, and about specific workers hangers, front doors and corridors, immediately upominaetsja economy, outsourcing and other tools that so perfectly possesses the artistic Director of “Sovremennik”. However, at his previous place of work — the Center of them. How can you not say that the economy was on the highest level.

And then, according to eyewitnesses, climbed Garmash. Usually emotional, he was reserved and quiet. “I then wrote a letter to” – he turned to his colleagues and began to read:

– my Dear! I hard was the decision to leave the theatre. I have lived here for 36 happy years. This is my home, leave that to me in pain. But after realizing and seeing that which is directed the vector development of the theater, I realized I have to do this… These six months have shown how disastrous was the decision on the appointment of Victor Ryzhakova”

And then the points Garmash decoded motion vector of the ship theater “Contemporary”. From his point of view, however, as with many, incorrect and even dangerous.

in Fairness, it should be noted that the arrival of any new superior to such a team as “Contemporary”, where their traditions, their code of laws of the inner life and the code of conduct may not be soft and velvety. A lot depends on who comes in and starts. And Ryzhakov started strange, to say the least.

first, just as confused by the failure of the memorial days (nine or sorokovik) just walked into the post office and Volchek. According to Harmash, “room destroyed”. Not in the physical sense but in the moral: in the house of the deceased do not break in galoshes and do not lead noisy guests. Even a temporary preservation of the memorial at the theatre hostel, accepted as an unspoken rule: take a break, as did those who came in the last decade to the management of theaters in the capital. So he could do the boy, with the manners of the fashionable radical, but not a serious man of 60 years.

second, in the “contemporary” began to sprout shoots of nepotism, which is never welcome, except in acting dynasties. The daughter of a new leader now introduced to the company as a specialist in social networks, and the husband of his new assistant — Georgy Surkov – have been invited to the performance. Maybe it will be brilliant, and family ties can only help, but not with that.

the Internal conflict in “the contemporary” began to smolder yesterday. In may, at a closed meeting in ZOOM artists dovolno strongly opposed the project “Dialogues” (not the show), which Viktor Ryzhakov made with the young actor to the Victory Day. “Why, – asked at the meeting of artists – from the face of the theater there was this helpless and illiterate project?”

the Theater, which has in its history such a powerful statement on the theme of war as “Eternally alive”, “Echelon”, “Steep route”, “From Lopatin’s notes” and the other “Dialogues”, has the full moral right to put the question. From a creative point of view, “Dialogs” – failure, but that can happen with any project. But a wedge in the troupe between different generations has hammered. Although, if the new artistic Director, invited all to be United in the case of this topic, the conflict could have been avoided.

And now Ryzhakov obtained care of Garmash. Not just actors, and such who hold all cash productions.

Zachthe Asti letter, Sergei left the room and, according to eyewitnesses, there for a few moments there was stunned silence. Act, it is necessary to tell, sharp and very masculine, is not peculiar to the profession of the artist. I have not recall in our theatre, where for a long time in a big deficit is not the word but the thing.