The son of the showman of Bari Alibasov looking at serious prison time for beating ex-producer of the group "On-On". A fight with Andrei Nazarov happened in the process of filming for television.

Andrei Nazarov said that suffered serious injuries and now wants to seek justice. Alibasov Jr. facing a case under article "Infliction of damage to health". The maximum penalty is up to three months in prison or a fine of 80 thousand rubles. But the former Director believes that such punishment will not be enough, therefore, has also filed a civil lawsuit for three million rubles.

After Bari Barievich put Nazarov on the table with his head that formed a strong incision of muscle, he was hospitalized at the Botkin hospital, where an hour and a half stitches on the forehead, said the first soloist "On-On" Valery Yurin.

Bari claimed that defended first no one attacked and more than that – his hands have video evidence of guilt Nazarov and Yurina, steal valuables and spivvy Bari Alibasov for their own benefit.