TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has reminded fans about the dangers of infection with coronavirus and joked that infection, as the career of Valery Leontiev, like, continues, but it is all forgotten.

Sobchak has published in Instagram post in which he urged to exercise caution and follow the rules to avoid by September of the second wave COVID-19. In the picture a celebrity and her husband Konstantin Bogomolov sealed in masks.

Coronavirus as a career Valery Leontiev — like is still not over, but all already do not care. And it’s wrong. You have to wear your masks! This is the only way to protect other people, because you may not even know that you are a carrier — announced celebrity.


Publish from Ksenia Sobchak (xenia_sobchak) 31 Jul 2020 9:41 PDT

Subscribers criticized the celebrity for this statement about a talented performer who is the example of hard work and joie de vivre.

Previously Ksenia Sobchak called idiots Russians who keep their savings in roubles in the country. The leading has published a screenshot of the exchange rates on 30 Jul. The ruble on the morning of 30 July fell to multi-month lows against major currencies. The dollar soared to 73,18 ruble and Euro to ruble 86,03. It’s highs since mid-may and early April, respectively, wrote