TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov published “the Fist of justice”, which showed “terrible, deadly, irreversible and terrible blows”. The show was posted on YouTube and Twitter of a journalist.

“Rambler” wrote that earlier Vladimir Solovyov said that regularly trains the skills of unarmed combat in the gym, and really last fought in early 2000-ies.


In its dispute with the sports commentator Vasily Utkin Solovyov advised Tom to look around, because he wants “a good punch”.

In his show “Fist of justice”, and stylized fighters of the 1990-ies, Vladimir Solovyov demonstrated a series of “horrible, murderous, terrible, and irreversible impacts”.

Among the strikes, which showed the broadcaster, “Villa on the lake”, “the hamsters-aggressors”, “through” and “propaganda mouthpiece”.

In the video, which became part of the air “nightingales LIVE” dated may 6, States that he “filmed in lake Como on our money” and that “when shooting video is not physically damaged, no liberal”. And the PS: “”Sberbank” refused to Finance this movie, all time was attended by two guards, so no one attacked Vladimir Solovyov” and “Soboleva video is very funny.”