The presenter spoke about the release of their own show with producer

Ksenia Sobchak publicly ran into Yana Rudkovskaya, but did it so gracefully that, for sure, and the producer, once worked as a manicurist, barbs presenter does not understand. The reason for the studs in the address of the wife of Evgeni Plushenko was the recent release of “Beware Sobchak!”, in which she tried to defend her right to boast of a luxurious life on instagram.

The show, by the way, turned out to be quite “toothless”, for which Xenia in the nines criticized in the Network. Probably why the presenter decided to make a instagram its true relationship to Rudkovskaya, but so that the producer was not offended.

Sobchak urged the audience “not to be confused sellers “lugari the” these users” and noted that he loves to watch those, “who have a sense of taste and proportion and harmony with itself” and their wealth is not important here.

In support of this claim, “the blonde in chocolate” quoted Pelevin, in which it recalls that the truly wealthy people never boast of their money and can afford to go “in rags and drive cheap cars”, and some poor people dress up in luxury “for the money.”

If to summarize the post of Xenia, to show off the wealth, as does the wife of the skater, bad manners and such characters Sobchak herself does not notice and do not advise others.