Each of Prokhor Chaliapin Victor Pankratov told the unexpected the truth about the secret affair singer and star of Soviet cinema Svetlana Svetlichnaya. Artists allegedly met 10 years ago, when Prokhor was barely 20.

Svetlichnaya at the time was 70 years old, half a century but the difference did not prevent to twist to the rapid novel, says the photographer.

it Was seen as Svetlana located in to Prokhor. Next to him she was like an old lady, — quoted a friend of the artist KP.RU.

Svetlichnaya literally blossomed during this relationship, began to wear a mini and make beautiful makeup. And that is why they parted ways, Pankratov can not say, though he believes that the artists were very beautiful couple.

Earlier reported that the Russian singer Prokhor Chaliapin deceiving their fans. In fact, he still meets with 64-year-old Larissa Kopenkina. This statement was made ex-girlfriend stars Tatiana Guzeva.