Bernhard Maier: Because of our trading operations in the Czech Republic and in other EU-countries are still closed. Also the functionality of our supply chains and the supply of parts are not in place yet again. Even if we now drive our production high, we were missing important parts about from suppliers in southern Europe. A ramp-up of the works should be planned in view of the close integration between manufacturers and suppliers at pan-European level.

Sensitive. We generate very little revenue, while our fixed costs continue to run. I welcome very much that the Czech government support, quick and unbureaucratically economic aid packages. These measures, however, are not unlimited. Therefore, it is for the whole of society is important to find in the coming days and weeks, a good Balance between the best possible protection of citizens against the Virus and the securing of the economy and jobs.

We will not catch up the loss of production this year is expected to be quite. But we have defined five years ago with our strategy 2025, a clear growth plan that engages. We want to set to the currently very challenging on-going Situation. There is a time after Corona. Our top priority is to keep all Skodianer on Board.