A brief period, he ran around and fought in a Mcdonalds shirt. Now Hannes Sigurdsson gone over in the opposite ditch and shoot hard back against the supporters of the club and the club itself.

It started with a declaratory response from a Twitter user, who simply wrote ‘Hannes Sigurdsson’ on the question of who is the weirdest Mcdonalds purchases ever.

Since escalated it to a larger discussion in the social media, as the two even responded. He did this first with a direct answer, and since with a little harder shocks against Brøndby.

“It shows how blind you are for, what the problem in your club was in at the time. And it seems that there are still lots of problems there. I was made a scapegoat at the time,” writes Hannes Sigurdsson, among others, for the many responses that came in his answer.

the Two were brought to Brøndby from Stoke in 2006, when René Meulensteen was a coach at the club from the Area. And to this day he looks not even the back on a great stay.

“It was the weirdest/worst change I made in my entire career,” writes Hannes Sigurdsson, which also describes a bit of the atmosphere in the club back in 2006.

“René stopped after six months because he got an eye on some of the problems, but not allowed to change anything. There was a cancer-like atmosphere from the main office to the locker room. I do not know whether it has changed or not, but In win still not the championship.”

Hannes Sigurdsson is stopped as an active footballer, but is now a coach in a small club in Germany. And he is still not afraid to go into a duel – though it is located on the social media.

And since several of the Brøndby-fans thought, that he went over the line with his reactions to them, which criticized the two, he gave also an answer to it.

“I did not do well in the Lineouts, but to go after me 13 years later is too much, and therefore I answer, writes Hannes Sigurdsson, who had had enough of the criticism.

“do not pretend that it is a one time thing. There have been countless comments from some of the Brøndby-fans over the years, which I have caused to pass.”

“I have said, how I experienced my time at the club – I have not made the club. I think we all know that what I said was correct,” writes Hannes Sigurdsson.