editor MIA “Russia today” and RT Margarita Simonyan called on Russians not to be overly skeptical to the domestic health care system, believing that where-that abroad life is better. In fact, it is the “Soviet legacy” has allowed Russia to maintain the level of deaths from the coronavirus in a low level, than to cause anger and distrust of the West.

according to the TV channel “Russia 1”, Margarita Simonyan compared the health system of the U.S. and Russia, noting that the latter has several advantages.

“In the United States,… probably the best medicine in the world for the wealthy, But mass medicine, like the one preserved in Russia from the Soviet era, just no… Yeah, we have waiting lists in clinics, you can have half an hour to wait for the ambulance, the nurse can get nasty. But we, comrades, have… where to go… In many aspects of the social state in Russia much better than in the US. This explains our positive numbers of deaths from the coronavirus,” – said Simonyan.

According to her, in the States medical personnel and hospital beds per capita is significantly less than in Russia. And to call an ambulance can financially afford it, not all Americans. Therefore, the citizens in the USA do not recommend to go to the doctors in case of symptoms of coronavirus, require to stay home until it’s really bad, on the brink of life and death.

” Russia is a very different approach. We say: “Go to the doctors, immediately call an ambulance,” – said the journalist.

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