Sick northeast country.

After the introduction of new restrictive measures in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where there were more cases COVID-19, Chinese authorities have renewed a mode of self-isolation in Jilin is the second largest city of the eponymous province in North-East of the country. It was also suspended transport links with the city. According to the official, the new cases in Jilin were the result of penetration of the virus from neighboring cities Solana that creates threat for occurrence of another virus cluster in China. Additional intrigue is making the geographical proximity of Jilin province to North Korea, which has already generated the version about the possible penetration of the virus into China from the DPRK.

After identifying new cases of infection with coronavirus in the city of “patient zero” of Wuhan, in Central Hubei province, the alarms come from northeastern of Jilin province, bordering North Korea. As said on Wednesday the State Committee on issues of hygiene and health care of China, of the seven recorded on the eve of new infections COVID-19 in China, six are in Jilin, the second largest city of the eponymous province in North-East which has a population of 4.5 million.

according to the official statements of the authorities of Jilin province, cases were not brought due abroad, and have exclusively local origin. It turned out that patients had contact with a certain carrier COVID-19 of which are in the same province city Solana where from 8 to 12 may place a pandemic outbreak. After Solana identified 22 new cases of the disease, local authorities have on Sunday was forced to return to the regime of self-isolation.

in addition, risk and the city of Shenyang in neighboring Jilin province Liaoning province, where there were asymptomatic infections. The population of Shenyang is 7.7 million.

In this regard, as reported on Wednesday, China Central television, on-demand incumbent in the city of Jilin operational headquarters for the fight against the pandemic since six o’clock in the morning of 13 may was suspended railway communication with the other provinces: canceled outbound flights and passing through Jilin train now will follow without stops. Suspended and bus service, therefore Jilin has effectively been cut off from the rest of China. How long will operate these new restrictions, not reported.

At the same time, as stated on Wednesday in the city hall, in General, entered into the Jilin measures to combat the pandemic would be similar to those which operate in areas of “high risk”.

In new restrictive measures of the inhabitants of Jilin city will now be able to leave it outside only after obtaining a negative test for coronavirus or completing a period of quarantine. In addition to the return to a regime of isolation work in the national expert group will continue its examination of several thousands of persons who might have contacts with carriers of coronavirus.

the Emergence of a new cluster of infection with coronavirus in North-East country in the adverse scenario can radically change the epidemic situation in China, given the fact that the last cases of infection in Wuhan, the Chinese government has introduced purely local history, which cannot be considered representative for the whole of China.

despite the lack of official DPRK not recorded any case of coronavirus, the closeness of the country, and received Pyongyang’s assistance to combat pandemic has given rise to the hypothesis that North Korea may be its infected and it can become a new factor of destabilization of epidemic situation for China.

Sergey Strokan