Shepelev quipped to the management of the First channel

Dmitry Shepelev dropped the pin in the address of former employers – the management of the First channel. Talking about his training in quarantine, the showman assured that trains daily and does it in the toilet. And for those who did not believe him, recalled that previously worked in the most truthful show.

“I’m telling you, practice every day! Where? Lock yourself in the toilet. I have a large. Don’t believe? Okay…every other day. And about the toilet is true. I never lie, I used to work in the program about the truth”, – joked the presenter, referring to the talk show “actually”.

As you know, Shepelev, still working on the “first button”, not once publicly denounced the transfer, in which all of the stories, often fictional, and the characters play to the camera. Say, that’s why Konstantin Ernst and Dmitry fired. CEO tired Shepelev throws mud talk show, which he leads.

In the end, Dmitry was replaced by a more flexible Timur Yeremeyev – the illegitimate son of legendary actor Spartaka Mishulina. Shepel’, according to him, has already found a new job and even recorded a pilot show. However, the salary of the ex-lover of the deceased Zhanna Friske is unlikely to be high – according to rumors, he was offered not more than 1.5 million rubles per month. Now because of the epidemic of the coronavirus and the project is frozen, so Shepelevo remains nothing how to pass the time at home.