If you do not know Igor Shalimov — do not worry, we also just learned about its existence. In the Internet appeared the his head in the mask and said a request to the authorities about financial aid appeal only “parasites who want to do nothing”.

Here are his words: “Now walked to the store: trolleys, buses, work, underground works. I do not know, those who actually do important things for us, they receive money. If you’re a Freeloader who wants to do nothing and get money, well that’s your choice. Pick another profession. You live everyone who whines today live better than the homeless. So my question is: why do you help? So what happened?”

Millions of people do not whine and desperately looking for a way out of economic disaster. Doing everything and rightfully expect assistance from the state. This tongue-tied gentleman didn’t even know it’s an insult to the victims. They are not slackers; it’s an epidemic and the crisis deprived them of work. Still what to say to victims: “you Have burned down the house — nothing to whine, find another.”

the Statement is frankly stupid, but Shalimov, of course, not a fool. This former football player now trains Grozny, “Akhmad” and gets paid for it — $ 500 thousand a year. His team is in last place. If the last place person has 3 million rubles per month — it is certainly not a fool.

Money is now in state excuse (yet hopeless) not those “who want to do nothing”. Money ask those who have lost their jobs because their businesses on the orders of the authorities are closed. They want to work, but I can’t.

In other countries, the authorities provide to the population a significant help. For example, Italy and Germany gave people a lot of money — 40% of GDP, and Russia was being generous by 1.3%. In Italy and Germany in football know how to play, and Shalimov there probably now would be whining for a Dole.

What football player is the loser, we have high-ranking officials regularly sit in a puddle. That Zakharova will come out with a proposal the Bulk of the debate, then any Governor will tell you how the son of Ivan the terrible died in the train on the way to St. Petersburg… Then they would be happy to put my tongue somewhere in a dark place, but too late. Society is annoying and stupid statements by famous people cause a sharp reaction.

When the coach of the Chechen players offers the poor to choose another profession, he (perhaps without knowing it) literally repeats the invitation of Prime Minister Medvedev. He recently advised teachers and University teachers: “If you want to earn money, there are lots of wonderful places where you can do it faster and better.”

Now Shalimov, the frightened reaction of the society, said that he allegedly joked: “People need others��to live with humor! I do not mean those who are not feeling well, was referring to his players. And yet, if I speak seriously and in the mask, this does not mean that I am not.”

“mean players”? It’s such a stupid lie that even ashamed. They when trying to get out of the unpleasant situation in which drove themselves, lie hastily and clumsily. But this is not an official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, as an ordinary coach of a mediocre football team.

Shalimov receives money in Chechnya. This is one of those regions that gets huge subsidies from the budget of Russia. In recent years there pumped a trillion rubles, and even more. The first time it was clear that the money required for the restoration of all that was destroyed by the war. But the recovery is long over. Now comes the decoration with an incredible scale: palaces and avenues. Last year, for example, has opened the biggest mosque in Europe, which accommodates more worshippers than Akhmat-arena fans.

We do not know (and not interested) from which budgets and funds gets money lounging football coach, talks about working underground. For him to do absolutely nothing. Would he continue to pay?