the Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has responded to the actions of individual representatives of the Bosnian authorities, impeding, in fact, aid to the local population from the Russian professionals in combating the spread of coronavirus infection.

“watching the reaction on our request for assistance from the competent authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to ensure the smooth crossing of the Russian-aid brigade across the border of BiH in order to assist the University clinical hospital in Mostar, and wondering, – is spoken in the message of the Russian diplomatic mission in Sarajevo. Otherwise it is impossible to relate to the fact that the issue of providing humanitarian assistance to whom it is required and who asks about it, has become hostage to political differences. A situation where politics (!) working against its own citizens, against their health and well-being. The irony is that those who are now loudly refuse assistance even a month ago as loudly resented the fact that, say, the Russian aid arrived only in Republika Srpska. As you can see, the assistance can be provided and in the Federation of BiH, because there about it asked. Remember that earlier it was heard several local leaders that “any help is welcome.” It turns out that is it not?”

the Embassy said that “insinuations on the subject of what the Russian doctors arrive “other tasks” are rejected as baseless and malicious, prejudicial to the friendly relations between our countries, the benefit of which, by the way, there were those of whom we now hear these fictions”. “No one and nothing is imposed – note the Russian diplomats. – BiH is a sovereign state, make their own decisions. But humanly, I wish the policy still changed his mind and gave medical professionals to do what they should do in the current difficult situation – to save lives, without any reference to the entities, nationalities and personal preferences”.

Recall that on may 1 a much-needed and sought support from Russia were to get popular in the Balkans tourist center in the city of Mostar. With a corresponding request addressed Dragan Covic, the Chairman house of peoples parliamentary Assembly of BiH, which in interview “to the Russian newspaper” openly declared that the role of the Russian Federation indispensable and fundamental: it balances, creates the balance of power in the world can not do without it in the solution of any international problems.

it Should be noted that on 23 April a detachment of NBC defense specialists have completed the operation to assist the Republic of Srpska (part of BiH). “The Russian howlingdata experts conducted in Republika Srpska complex disinfection measures at 28 sites in 11 settlements, among which Banja Luka, Prijedor, Doboj, Bijeljina, Zvornik, East Sarajevo, foča, Trebinje, Gradiška and Nevesinje, – underline in the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. Including processed about 50 buildings and constructions a total area more than 200 thousand square meters, sections of paved roads a total area of about 20 thousand square meters. Russian doctors gave advice and assisted in the treatment of patients in more than 20 medical centers”.

the President of the RS Zeljka Cvijanovic noted the fact that soldiers from Russia successfully coped with all their tasks and presented to the commander of the combined detachment of Colonel Maxim Sologubova medal for services to the people of the Republic of Srpska, and other team members – honorary “Emblem of the Republic of Srpska”. In turn, the Serbian member of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik on April 24 sent a letter of appreciation to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the Ministers of defense and foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu and Sergei Lavrov, the head of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the armed forces, General-Lieutenant Igor Kirillov, stressing in particular the importance of the assistance provided to the Republika Srpska by the Russian Federation in order to combat coronavirus infection.

Recall that, in accordance with the Dayton peace accords, BiH has a complex system of government, taking into account the interests of the three constituent peoples (Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks). It consists of two parts (entities) – the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Muslim-Croat) and the Republika Srpska. In fact, it is the Union of two independent territorial entities over which are the Council of Ministers and the presidency.