The famous singer Alexander Malinin four children.

Favorite kindred blood, twins from his wife Emma. In respect of Frol and ustinya Malinin – caring father.

The lawyer appreciated the chance to “daughter” Malinin to win a court case

From a previous marriage – a son, Nikita, with whom, though not actually related, but there is no enmity.

And the eldest daughter – Kira – from his marriage to Olga Zarubina. With them Alexander did not want to have anything to do.

Kira is a lot of years – she is already 35! – trying to punish Malinin because he wasn’t helping her in the childhood.

This supports her mother – Olga Zarubina demands justice. Failure Malinin from paternity and human communication are estimated at 15 million rubles.

“I’m his daughter, I was born in marriage and is sure that he must answer for me” — quoted the words of the woman 7Days.

Meanwhile, the marriage of Olga Zarubina and Alexander Malinin broke up, when Cyrus was not yet a year old.

Olga went to America, got married and gave daughter the name of the new husband. That her father – Alexander Malinin, Kira learned through many years.

The singer categorically does not want to see his former family.

Recently, the guard came out (though uninvited) Kira. Her father never came.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the proceedings involving her daughter Olga Zarubina has lasted for a month.

Repeatedly Kira noticed she’s hoping dad will take her as my own and will provide it with the same dignified existence as the last son and daughter — the Frol and Ustinja.