The leader of the group "Leningrad" Sergey Shnurov overestimates the importance of his person, said producer Joseph Prigozhin in a radio interview, "Says Moscow".

"he had delusions of grandeur. It is about the popular artists had in mind himself, whose corporate parties for two hundred thousand dollars," he explained.

Producer outraged that the Cords had published their correspondence in which Prigogine uses obscene words.

"I wrote to him all that I think about it. Impunity, lack of principle gives rise to what we face today," he added.

Prigogine reminded that, speaking about the plight of artists, he was not referring to himself, and young talented performers, who were left without work and savings. He also said that negative comments on the Internet about him is indifferent to him.

"Believe me: I have absolute immunity and antibodies to the haters on these degenerates. The poison they vent, they vent themselves," he concluded.

Conflict Prigogine and his broke because the producer said that due to the cancellation of the performances of the actors are in distress. The musician published in my Instagram poems, where he called the producer of the circus patron.

Then Shnurova Prigogine wrote several messages in which he called the opponent "mrazenysh" and used profanity. The musician posted the correspondence on display.