the Whole country was anxiously watching if alive missing on the evening of 17 may, 4-year-old Matthew from the village Akino Kirov region. And now, happy news: found alive after two days in the woods. Truly a miracle. “MK” asked the coordinator of JI “Liza Alert” from Moscow Alexander Shchukin as they searched for the baby.

the Investigative Committee will understand this emergency, which, thank God, ended well. And, above all, is why parents later said about the loss of a child. Although, as expected, he came out of the house late in the evening.

“Never give up. Just NEVER GIVE up! It best describes my impression from the search of Matthew,” – wrote in his post, the coordinator of JI “Liza Alert” Kirov region Alexander yagovkin when they found the boy.

We were looking for a living child. We always believe that the person is alive, until proven otherwise. Tasks were set that way to find a living little boy in the big woods. And Matthew did not disappoint us. He waited! – not holding back emotions of Alexander.

But what said the “MK” Alexander Schukin, who arrived on the search scene from Moscow to the aid of their colleagues from “Lisa Alert”:

– on the Morning of may 18 began the search for the child. Our experts of the Kirov regional units arrived the very first, and began practicing primary tasks: checked the nearby abandoned houses, gardens, wells. As a result, in 600 m from the house was discovered dishes that contained food remains. Showed the boy’s mother and she confirmed that it was his plate. Have a lead, in what direction is presumably moving child.

We have formed three crew from Moscow of specialists and went in the night from 18 to 19 may at the aid of our colleagues in Kirov oblast. It was the second night of the search when the child was in a natural environment. In half of the third night we arrived. I looked at the map, at the end, one of the earlier groups departed we were told that found someone’s footprints. Our headquarters sent a photo of these tracks, but it was difficult to determine whose they are, because it was unclear what shoes gone baby, maybe the Shoe doesn’t fit. Additionally sent in search of canine calculation of MVD dogs that could pick up a trail.

All the groups I go with the Navigator, which features a map of the area and which records the route of search engines, to see where the child is looking for. After some time we were told that the child was found alive and taking him home. Found his group, which included dog handlers and our search engine. It was half-four in the evening on may 19. The child was found a kilometer away with a small from his home and the place where it has already searched before. Apparently, it was moving, not sitting in one place.

When it ��if the house wrapped in a blanket, we all who at that time was in the headquarters, which was deployed in the boy’s home welcomed him with applause. We had a child first aid tried to keep him warm. Parents were happy, my mom wept with joy.

“Against a successful outcome was all washed-out roads, cold night (the temperature dropped to three degrees), rain, the almost complete lack of communication at the scene of the search, and more…to Comb the forest in search of such a young child – it is difficult and very laborious. At the same time we are still working on a response. But in the case of loss of the child we do not as usual loud call of the missing, and Vice versa – his name is quietly female voice, not to scare. From relatives, we learned that Matthew is afraid of strangers and will not respond to our calls. Besides, he has a very quiet voice.

it was the morning of the second day of the search. The group found a lot of different children’s trail, has come new volunteers, new challenges. From the beginning the place was the police and the investigative Committee. On behalf of the entire squad thanks to the staff! Full mutual understanding, cooperation, exchange of information during the search – all this, of course, worked on the overall result” – summed up in his post Alexander yagovkin.