At the end of last week on the Internet one after another began to appear videos, where employees of “ambulance” from different regions expressed dissatisfaction with the President promised payments. The “pioneers” of the protest flash mobs have become physicians from Armavir. “No doctors, no paramedics or nurses, nor the drivers have not received compensation. Penny, penny,” complained to the medical staff.

the next day, fired the head physician of city hospital of Armavir. And then in the Network appeared another video where the Agency stood up for the head of the hospital.

the party of the first video and told the backstory of the flash mob and the end of a scandalous story.

How you decided on a bold step to remove the video. Usually doctors from the regions even with reporters talking anonymously?

– we immediately decided on a desperate step – the beginning of the conversation the interviewee. – Initially tried to negotiate peace. ‘ve asked them to explain the details associated with payments. The response from the management made us even refused to meet. Then appealed to higher authorities. Wrote letters, called in five organizations – the Prosecutor’s office, the presidential administration and other agencies. From those appeals to sense was not any. Our superiors knew of the growing discontent, but did not respond. Then we decided to wait for the payment day. The money anyone received. Then took the video. Worked. The inspection commenced, the doctor was fired.

– When you came into work after the hype, what you have said?

– the Main doctor who previously did not want to communicate with us, immediately appeared at the substation. Began to talk about the situation. Came from the Prosecutor’s office, Ministry of health of the Krasnodar territory. All together discussed our payments. Then spent a few meetings.

You blamed the video?

No. Blame it was too late, the information is dispersed.

After the chief was fired, has a video in his defense. What was it?

– throughout the hospital looking for employees who agreed to appear in the video in defense of the chief physician. Someone agreed. But no employees “first aid” among the volunteers was not. The video was filmed, the hospital doctors, nurses and passersby.

– Now you have a new physician?

– Yes, now we have another head. Personally acquainted with this doctor, good, competent leader.

Payments you received?

– Received single payments to several employees of ambulance. But all payments we received. Are still understand. Our economists refer to orders that specify that the funds gets only one with��employee who took the patient who has laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infection. All other employees who work with contact and possibly infected, but who did not take tests benefits do not deserve. Simply put, if you transported a patient with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19, you 25 thousand rubles. If moved at least 20 people in a month, but they have not confirmed dangerous infection, you get nothing. Therefore, we still fight. Especially from other regions received information that all health care providers received payments, regardless of confirmed diagnosis in patients with suspected coronavirus infection or not.

– Until the epidemic you also have enough problems, before complaining?

– there were problems before that were solved on the spot. But the issues with the payment of allowances and lack of personnel had never been resolved.

nevertheless, the people continued to work, did not quit?

– of Course worked. All children loans.

what do you get?

– Working at the rate of 1.25 to get 20 thousand per month. Salaries have always been low. The employee at the checkout in the store gets more of the employee of “first”.

– Now all doctors, who have not paid are encouraged to contact the “hot line”?

– the “hotline” we’ve been trying to call. Do not answer there until now.

“We do not need a repair we still have to do…”

the City of Birsk, Republic of Bashkortostan. Situation one in one as in Armavir. Here is what the employee “first aid”.

the Money paid only to those who carries of patients with a confirmed “by Kovalam”, but promised to pay all medical assistants. At work all the teams a day communicating with each other, we are all risk. Or we do not understand something? Drivers and dispatchers at all not a penny paid.

How much is paid to those who went to patients with “Kovalam”?

– They were paid 28750 rubles. The other day we were told to create a separate team for “davidnyc” patients. Only they will pay.

– What do you pay?

– Rate of 23-25 thousand rubles. Many work at two and a half bets in a day. Hard. We have only 4 teams served a population of Birsk Birsk district and is about 48 thousand people.

remedies are there?

– Grey appeared: costumes, reusable respirators. But all beat. First even disposable mask was not given, citizens had made and brought.

– Your colleagues say that after the epidemic of quitting?

– to Leave no one will, even if payments will not give up. We have incentive payments for February is not received. We are told: “no Money”. And where to retire, the city work there. Working conditions have also not very. The Department of “ambulance” is in an old building built before the revolution which is about to collapse. In the winter the room is cold, summer is hot. Old Windows, that and look will fall out.

would be Asked to make repairs.

– We do not need a repair we still have to do…