the solar light effectively destroys coronavirus on the surface of items, stated in the National center for the analysis and reaction to biological threat to the United States. This writes The Journal of Infectious Deseases.

it is Reported that scientists have simulated the climate is characteristic of the 40th degree of North latitude. Recall that this parallel is the territory of the countries and regions hardest hit due CoViD-19. Among them are China, Italy, Spain, South USA and others.

relevant In this climatic zone conditions placed steel plates with samples of the SARS-Cov-2. While on some plates the pathogenic particles were in an artificial saliva, while others in “cultivated”, that is the most appropriate environment for them.

the Researchers decided to test what will happen with the virus in the light of lamps of different power. It was found that light intensity at the level of the midday sun coronavirus in saliva were killed in less than 7 minutes. And in the most favorable environment lamp neutralized the pathogen a little more than 14 minutes. It is noted that even more weak light fighting with SARS-Cov-2, although more slowly.

it is Worth mentioning that these data are added to the list of useful properties of sunlight — as you know, it is a source of vitamin D, boosting the immune system.