Now the leadership of state-owned companies, in contrast to the top management other joint stock companies, there is no such obligation. The Agency believes that this indicates “the lack of a common approach to the prevention of corruption”.

the chamber has proposed the government to introduce a uniform approach to disclosure of revenues top managers companies blocking stake of which is owned by the state. About this RBC reported in the press service Agency.

“We consider this measure as an opportunity to improve the management of state property”, — said the Agency.

In 2020, the chamber has examined the efficacy of corporate governance in companies whose shares are in Federal ownership. The audit office has sent the government a letter in which he indicated that now top managers state-owned companies should not disclose information about their income and the income of the immediate family, while the leaders of other joint stock companies, such an obligation is.

According to audit chamber, it shows “lack of a unified approach to the prevention of corruption in legal entities with participation of the Russian Federation”.

press service agencies explained TASS that the income information should disclose only the management of state-owned companies established under the Federal laws appointment on which and release from which are performed by the President and the government.

In 2014, the government was required to disclose information about the income of CEOs, including the heads of Russian Railways, “Rosneft” and “Gazprom”. The initiative caused discontent among top managers, in particular, Vladimir Yakunin, who then headed the Russian Railways group, called it “illegal interference in private life.”

In March 2015, the government allowed the heads of state-owned companies not to publish information about their income. It was explained that the heads of commercial organizations, including with state participation, “in the strict sense are not civil servants and are members of the commercial business.” The government’s decision was not supported by Alexey Kudrin, who now heads the Accounts chamber.

a month Later, President Vladimir Putin during a straight line “strongly recommend” the management of corporations voluntarily to disclose information about income. In the same year, their wages reported to the head of Russian Railways and Rosneft.