British scientists have solved the mystery of the origin of Stonehenge. As it turned out, the megaliths were brought to this place and established about 2500 years BC. Moreover, most Sarsenov (large sand blocks) have the same origin. It turned out that they were simultaneously extracted in the quarry West woods, which is located 25 kilometers from the monument.

“Identical source and chemical composition Sarsenov said in favor of the fact that they were produced and installed at Stonehenge at the same time. Why in the region, full of such stones, its builders chose this quarry remains a mystery,” – said in an article published in the journal Science Advances. Apparently, their choice was influenced by the quality, the large size of these stones, as well as the proximity of the quarry to the construction site.

According to the Professor from the University of Brighton David Nash, after receiving the results of chemical analysis Sarsenov, the researchers compared them with 20 possible places of origin of these rocks. The closest to Stonehenge was West woods, Wiltshire. “It was really interesting to use the science of the XXI century to understand the Neolithic past and finally answer the question that archaeologists have discussed for centuries”, – he noted.

However, it is still unknown as first the British were able to transport the huge stones at 25 km. At that time, it would have had to make great efforts. It is assumed that they could drag on the sledges.

it is Worth noting that the origin of the stones used in the construction of the monument Stonehenge, and how they transport and the routes have been a matter of dispute among archaeologists and geologists for several centuries. Arseny was used extensively for the construction of prehistoric monuments, Roman villas, medieval churches, outbuildings and roads. However, their length rarely exceeded 4-5 meters, none of them has reached the size of the megaliths of Stonehenge (7-9 meters).

as for the “blue stones” from the Central part of the monument, their origins established several years ago. The South of England most of them brought from the South-West Wales, and the altar stone from the East of Wales.

although it is now known, whence the stones for the construction of Stonehenge, the purpose of this monument still remains a mystery.