this week the information space exploded with the news that in the next three days on the territory of 10 Russian regions are expected to dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” asked the scientist. And that’s what we said Sergei Olemskoi, first Deputy Director of ISTP SB RAS, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences:

– the solar (sun) factor for stable and its impact on our lives just the same as always. If all the factors driving the climate off and leave only one Sun, then the Earth’s climate would be formed solely by the influx of solar radiation. This ultraviolet light, visible light and long-wave radiation. The amount of this flux depends on latitude and time of year. All! Nothing else on the influx of solar radiation is not affected, especially in conditions of low solar activity. And it is now low. The sun only comes out for the new cycle. Today geomagnetic situation normal.

There are daily variations of inflow of solar radiation, day/night, and the global deviations from this rhythm is not. That is, nothing bad happens. Cows will not die, yields are not reduced with Pets as well, and wild, too, everything will be all right. Provided that they continue to live at the same latitude that they lived before. Now, if they move to the equator or in the Northern latitudes, where now the polar day, then Yes, they will get a dose of ultraviolet radiation than usual. Well, even tan with the use of cosmetics (laughs – ed).

as for people, for them spending time in the sun is always unwholesome. So, in fact, no threat there. The main climate-forming factor – the transport of atmospheric air masses. Solar factor during the SYNOPTIC period (weeks) is always stable, so usually when you forecast the weather it will not be considered. So when they say that the weather change over a day or a couple of days of the solar factor plays a key role and causes some changes, it is not. However, at long time intervals when we are not talking about the current weather conditions and long-term climate change (from the last ice age to the present day), solar activity affects the temperature regime of our planet.

we Asked a scientist about the numbers that led media. They say that the dangerous UV radiation will reach 7 points. On what Sergey Olemskoi said that “this is a normal daily course. Every summer on a Sunny day in our latitudes, it reaches such values. In Africa on the equator – 10-11. 3-7 and are in the same range of comfort.”