In his birthday, August 1, the main exhibition of the country opens its fifth summer season of the programme “Knowledge. VDNKH”. It is the largest free cultural and educational project of city scale. For three months for visitors of the exhibition organises some 150 events. View the detailed program and register for the event of interest on the project website.

the Main area of the project traditionally will be the hall “worker and collective farm girl”. Large lectures will be held creative meetings with actors, musicians and writers, lectures, and performances for children and adults. In addition, project activities will take place in the centre of Slavonic writing “the Word” (booth # 58), “House of crafts” (hall No. 47), the House of culture (booth # 84) and the center of the “Aerospace and aviation” (pavilion 34).

the Program of educational city project “Knowledge. ENEA” will open on 1 August, the day of the 81st birthday of the main exhibition of the country. So, during the day everyone will be able to take part in the show-the FlatLand game, developed on motives of a known table business game “Monopoly”. The main feature of the new version that participants will not sit at the table and move on a giant playing field, which will be placed on the ground in front of the summer cinema-a lecture hall. Games will be held at 11:00, 14:00 and 18:00. Within each team, players will be able to enter up to 30 people.

At 12:00 in the lecture hall of the pavilion “worker and collective farm girl” will start the music show called “Tales from around the world”. Production of art-attic “mother theatre” will introduce the guests to the people’s fantastic stories of Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, India and Russia. The show is designed for viewers under the age of five years.

Center “Aerospace and aviation” to 15:00 invites everyone to a fascinating lecture from the cycle “Training people to fly in deep space”. It will read the member of the crew of the international space projects of the SIRIUS 19 and “Mars-160” Anastasia Stepanova. She tells in detail about the experimental project called “Mars-160”, which aims at the imitation of life on this desolate planet. Students learn about how the team for the past year lived at the research stations in the Utah desert and in the Arctic in conditions as close to the alien.

And at 20:00 on the pavilion roof “worker and collective farm girl” will be the first in this year’s summer music concert. The guests of the exhibition will be the participant of the show “the Voice 5” Adeline Moses. She will perform songs from his debut album “Love the beat”.

In the summer season of the project “Knowledge. ENEA” actress and Director Alice Grebenshchikova will continue to acquaint everyone with the work of Russian women poets of the twentieth century. The author’s cycle of creative meetings, called “AMAZ��nki poetry” was held in the winter season of the project and appealed to the audience. New performances will be dedicated to the works of Zinaida Gippius, Julia Drunina, Veronica Tushnova, Inna Lisnyanskaya and Maria Petrova. Alice Grebenshchikova will procellarum viewers the poems of these poets, and will also read excerpts from their diaries and letters and memoirs of contemporaries. A series of meetings will begin on August 19. Speaking time can be selected on the project website.

Learn about the peculiarities of human psychology and the gender mysteries of the Muscovites and visitors can visit lectures of experts of National research University “Higher school of Economics”. The first meeting will be held on 4 August at 19:00. It will be the teacher of the Department of psychology of the faculty of social Sciences of the national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics” Anna Krai. She shows us how social and political trends have an impact on studies of gender identity will explain why feminism is in fashion, and more.

the art critic Valentin Gorlov will present a series of lectures on the life and work of theatrical artists who created costumes and scenery for the famous “Russian seasons” by Sergei Diaghilev. The cycle begins September 12. The first lecture will be devoted to the Russian artist, art historian Alexander Benois. For the schedule of the lectures can be followed on the project website.

on 8 August at 15:00 will be held the first lecture of the art dealer, Olga Savic of the series called “Color as emotion. Color worlds American artists.” In it we will focus on the works of Mark Rothko, the master of abstract expressionism. As a researcher of fashion Tim Ilyasov tells in his lectures about how he preferred to dress the Russian tsars and courtiers from the seventeenth century onwards. For example, guests will learn about the famous wardrobe of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, the Tsar’s treasures, sumptuous balls of the times of the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, and much more. The schedule of these lectures will appear on the project website in the near future.

Since August 9 in the pavilion “worker and collective farm girl” will start a lecture by art historian Alexandra seiner dedicated to the masterpieces of world architecture from the XXV century BC to modern. In “House of crafts” designer Irina Lyubimova will present a cycle called “the Psychology of interiors”. Guests will learn what energy color, how to create a harmonious space for sleeping, and will learn to choose the interior with the seasons. The first lecture will take place on 12 August. For the schedule of meetings can be monitored here.

Young guests of the ENEA at the age of six years waiting for the music-literary cycle entitled “Tales from a Quartet”. Actors-readers, accompanied by a piano Quartet named after M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov will present performances by the famous Russian SK��ZOK. For example, on August 26, you will see a play called “Andersen’s fairy tales”. This statement is based on the eponymous collection of short stories for children of Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak. The play will be available on the project website.

Also, children will be interested to participate in the activities of the “School of curiosity”. Children will be interactive lectures with educational walks through the exhibition and creative workshops. In the framework of the planned two cycles. The first one is called “Energy”. It will begin on August 13. Participants will learn what alternative energy will take part in a fascinating quest, which will take place on the territory VDNH, will create a model city of the future, and much more. The second cycle entitled “the Other nerd” will begin on August 15. For interactive lessons the biologist Roman Sokolov will tell and show the boys what plants grow in the Main Botanical garden near VDNH, which birds can see while walking through the exhibition, and more. All the classes of the “School of curiosity” is designed for children aged nine years. The schedule will appear on the project website in the near future.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infections all sites of the project “Knowledge. ENEA” will be filled in 50 per cent of the total capacity, to allow visitors to observe social distance.

the First educational programme “the Knowledge. ENEA” held in 2016. Over four summer and four winter season it was attended by over 75 thousand people. They visited more than a thousand events — lectures, master-classes, creative meetings, language lessons and concerts.

on 1 and 2 August ENEA will celebrate its 81st anniversary. Festive events will be held throughout the exhibition. For visitors have prepared a creative, dance and sports master classes, and lectures on space exploration and much more. On holidays there will be many other interesting events. So, the Museum ENEA will mark a year since the opening of the interactive Museum complex “Buran” will present an updated exposition. In addition, guests of the holiday waiting for a guided tour of the exhibition, the activities of the centre “apiculture”, the new project of young artist, House of culture, the gifts and surprises from residents, including “Robodance” historical Park “Russia — my story,” center “Neft”, the Museum of cinema, and more.