Patients with diseases of the blood vessels korotkovremennouu placed in a centrifuge, which creates the effect of artificial gravity. The patient is fixed in the supine position so that the axis of rotation of the apparatus within the head.

Under the action of centrifugal forces, the blood rushes to the legs, saturating not only the main canal of the vessel, but also its branches. The regular placement of the patient with vascular pathology in the centrifuge can lead not only to vasodilatation, but also the formation of new healthy. Doctors and scientists have conducted more than 3.5 thousand successful experiments with people from 25 to 90 years.

To each patient an individual approach is applied on the basis of permanent monitoring of its biometrically data.

According to head of the Department of surgical diseases №1 of Samara state medical University Igor Makarov, the course of treatment consists of 10-15 sessions, the duration of the procedure – 7 to 15 minutes.

– in the absence of critical limb ischemia the effect of treatment can be compared to surgical intervention. The centrifuge can be easily placed in hospitals, but need room for at least three to four meters in diameter. There are contraindications all diseases in the decompensation stage, stry heart attack and stroke, severe dizziness, diseases of the veins of the lower extremities in the stage of decompensation and the like, – told “RG” Professor Makarov.