“the head of the @SpaceX offered a “terraform Mars”, carrying out a large series of thermonuclear explosions on the poles of the planet. Blow up Mars, is unlikely to succeed, but a pretext for the conclusion in the space of thermonuclear weapons is obvious. Apparently, the U.S. focus on militarization of space,” Rogozin wrote on Twitter.

Previously, SpaceX founder Elon Musk has offered to terraform Mars (to create the conditions for life on earth), having conducted a large series of thermonuclear explosions on the poles of the planet. The idea of the Mask, this will lead to evaporation of frozen carbon dioxide, which comprises the ice caps of the poles of Mars. The evaporated gas will make the atmosphere more dense and cause the greenhouse effect, leading to temperature rise.

the Idea is to colonize Mars – perhaps one of the most ambitious, who actively declares the head of SpaceX Elon Musk. Several years ago, Musk has promised to send to the Red planet 1 million people over 10 thousand flights, and the first “Martians” to plant already in 2024. Two years ago, in fact, made this first step. At least it was stated this way: he was sent to a private American space super-heavy the Falcon Heavy. It was stated that its maximum capacity could reach almost 64 tons.

by the Way, Musk would not be Musk and great PR, if not furnished it vividly. Just for laughs is metal ingots, which usually play the role of a useful load in any test flight of the rocket, to the music of David Bowie businessman sent into orbit its lightweight sports car Tesla Roadster cherry color. On the dashboard says: “Don’t panic!” Don’t panic!

as far As realistic plans Mask the colonization of Mars? “Some plans that have been brought up SpaceX, in terms of technological development the nearest time is just not feasible, if you hold a brief technical analysis. For example, to a thermonuclear explosion at the pole of Mars, one of the ideas of SpaceX, gave a significant result, you need more than ten thousand of starts the lifting operating at the moment of launch vehicles”, – expressed his opinion the TASS Executive Director of the Russian space Agency on promising programs and science Alexander Bloshenko.

the Response Mask to these words was not long in coming: “No problem” – he wrote on his Twitter page. Elon does not think it a problem to run 10 thousand rockets to Mars for the poles of thermonuclear explosions.