the Criminals wanted a rich life.

latisha and Timothy Harmony from Las Vegas married in 2018. A seemingly respectable couple was engaged in providing medical and related services, but, as it turned out recently, this was all just a cover for major fraud.

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the couple has registered several medical organizations in the state registry then they sought out on the Internet obituaries and reported in a government Fund that on the eve of death has provided a number of services to the deceased, for which they received from the government compensation. All of the money the couple spent on their luxurious life, says the Insider.

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Charanam managed to crank out a clever scheme for several years, until they did not disappoint boasting. The desire to show your luxurious life prevailed over caution, and they began to publish photos of the private plane, expensive homes, travel, dining and jewelry in social networks.

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These images competent authorities concerned and in respect of spouses has begun a secret investigation, which, in the end, and revealed their criminal scheme.

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As it turned out, and latisha, and Timothy’s in the past already had a criminal record. According to the U.S. Department of justice, from 2017 to 2019 for fictitious services, the couple was able to obtain from the government more than $ 13 million. Now they are waiting for the court and confiscation of property.

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