the Combination of fat and sugar contribute to the development of biologically active components, which, like opiates, creating a feeling of joy for the person, reduce pain, soothe. But a “tandem” not only addictive, but also causes serious metabolic changes – weight gain, formation of insulin resistance and eventually to diabetes type II diabetes and heart disease.

Artificial gassing irritates and puts pressure on the stomach wall, bursting internal organs. The sugar substitute reduces levels own serotonin. And phosphoric acid in the composition during regular use of soda reduces calcium absorption, which can lead to tooth decay and osteoporosis. Sweet carbohydrates have a negative impact on the microflora of the intestine, causing fermentation and the growth of pathogens. Artificial food dyes and fragrances may cause stomach upset, can lead to inflammatory diseases of the intestine, allergic reactions, and prolonged use increase the risk of development of cancer.

Repeatedly thermally treated oil in which you fried the French fries, the bun from a non-existent white flour with zero nutritional value… And Patty sometimes it’s hard to call it meat – excess fat, flavor enhancers and salt certainly will not benefit.

Smoked products are in the first row from the entire list of onkoprotektor – food products, which with regular use can provoke the development of cancer. Smoked sausages are phenols, aldehydes and aromatic hydrocarbons produced during the use of technological smoke excessively much salt and fat, nitrates and nitrites, which in the body go into nitrosamine connection.

Prepared industrially sauces invariably contain sugar, gluten, MSG, preservatives that are pleasing to taste buds but lead to allergic reactions, fluid retention, and weight gain and problems of the digestive system.

the Disappearance of natural fat from the product changes its taste. On the label is “0 calories”, but still, if it’s good, no doubt filled with something else, for example, palm oil, preservatives, artificial sweeteners. In the end, to zero calorie zero added benefit and lots of possible problems. It is better to prefer natural products with a short shelf life. Saturated fat is extremely important: it strengthens the alveolar lung tissue, is part of all cell membranes, important in the production of reproductive hormones and anti-stress protection, and maintain brain function.