the Main principle that food should be hot, varied and healthy. It is assumed that the first snack the children will have at home, before going to school. And a full, hot Breakfast – on the second or third change. Lunch, incidentally, is also supposed to be hot.

Repeat on the dinner dish that the kids ate for Breakfast, is prohibited. No thadani morning porridge as a side dish. If in the morning the kids eat something carbohydrate – cereal, pasta, then in the afternoon they need to give protein foods: meat Patty or a piece of fish, for example.

No schematic and snacks on the run. Change when the children are fed, should last at least 20 minutes to be able to safely wash my hands, eat and go back to class.

the Main focus in the new rules is on the usefulness of food. Salt in children’s portions should be no more than 1 gram. Sugar and other “fast” carbs is also smaller. But recommended sure to give your children vegetables and fruits. Depending on the season they may be different, but the plate needs to stay every day.

the recommended Breakfast cereal with milk, casseroles, omelettes or scrambled eggs, bread with butter and cheese. For lunch – a salad or just vegetables, hot first liquid and the second dish. To drink as usual tea, cocoa for Breakfast and juice for lunch.

by the Way, the new procedure offers clearly to instill in children the skills of healthy nutrition: in the form of interviews and workshops, and with the help of visual propaganda – posters, and “illustrated slogans” (I wonder what distinguishes the former from the latter?).

the document weight health and sanitation requirements that must be followed in school cafeterias. From the number of seats in the dining room and finishing with a list of dishes in the kitchen.

At the same time monitoring the quality of the food (and that is secured whether the principle of hot meals) conduct and founder of educational organizations, and parent Committee. That is, public control is not only welcome. It needs to be.

by the Way, the menu is developed in advance – parents can learn what to feed the children in the next two weeks. And, if they deem it necessary, to correct homemade diet given the fact that children ate at school.

the Most useful part of the recommendation daily allowance of all the major products that you want to eat a child 7-11 years old and from the age of 12. The table is very useful meticulous mother who was trying to organize a food Chad most correctly.

the Easy part and the approximate size of the portions. And, of course, useful sample menu, compiled by all the rules of child nutrition for two weeks.

Omelettes 140-160 grams

canned 25-30 grams

Coffee drink 200 grams

Bread with butter 30+10 grams

green Salad with��dorami with vegetable oil 60 grams

pea Soup 250 grams

Rissoles (meat, poultry) with vegetable stew 80+150 grams

Compote of 200 grams

Bread wheat and rye 20+30 grams.