Sandro Schwarz has had difficult times. The new Hertha BSC coach explains in an interview why he stayed in Moscow despite the war in Ukraine.

“Torn inside”: In an interview, the new Hertha BSC trainer Sandro Schwarz faces what is perhaps the most difficult time of his life. Despite the Ukraine war, he remained active as a coach at Dynamo Moscow. He felt torn inside. He often sat with Russian players and “cried together” with them.

Short, compact, clear

What he says goes to the heart: “Everyone knows my attitude to this war of aggression. What I can say, the people from the Dynamo environment, that they are good people who have a clear stance, like all of us on the subject,” said Schwarz in a media interview.

Responsibility left: The reason he stayed in Russia for so long wasn’t because of the money or the football – it was because he felt responsible for his players.