Borussia Dortmund’s managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke believes that FC Bayern will suffer a weak phase in the next few years.

“At some point it will crumble”: Hans Joachim Watzke, Managing Director of Borussia Dortmund, believes that FC Bayern will face a weak phase in the coming years. “At some point it will crumble, at some point in the next few years it will collapse,” he told Deutschlandfunk.

Short, compact, clear

Fight for the title doesn’t work: In his opinion, the fight for the German championship is the only thing that doesn’t work in the league. When things get tighter again, the Bundesliga is “one of the most exciting leagues”. A change in the game mode, such as a playoff, to increase the tension is not unthinkable for him at the moment.

Playoff conceivable: There is only one case in which he considers playoffs to be sensible: “If the attractiveness of the Bundesliga continued to decline over the next five years, Bayern Munich would continue to become champions, you might have to think about it as a last resort. “