Saint Petersburg metro is ready to return to the normal schedule of work, which was before the pandemic coronavirus, but is waiting for the relevant decision of the CPS. Due to the increase in passenger traffic, compliance with all requirements of the Supervisory authority has become impossible, but the requirements masks and gloves remains in force. This was stated by the chief of underground Vladimir Gaugin, the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”.

"the Ball on the side of the CPS. If they believe that we have reached a safe level of the epidemic, we are ready to return to the old mode of operation,” said Gaugin.

Recall that with the introduction of restrictive measures against coronavirus metro in St. Petersburg for the third month closes in 22 hours, which annoys residents and guests of St. Petersburg, especially during the white nights. In recent days, the ridership of the metro close to the “Datavideo” the level of more than a million people a day.

As noted by the head of the metro, the current level ensures the occupancy of the car about 70 people, allowing you to keep a safe distance. But the other requirements of CPS, such as the disinfection of cars after each revolution of the composition, with increased passenger traffic physically impossible. So today the cleaning of cars is carried out at least twice a day.

Other security measures specified by the overseeing Agency, still remain in force. Among them is the mandatory use of masks and gloves by staff and passengers. The subway staff strictly comply with them, you can not say about many passengers who often take off the mask immediately after you pass through the turnstiles.

Meanwhile, in the metro allowed to run a backup on duty escalators out graphics their use to prevent crowds of people at the escalators during peak hours and in case of simultaneous arrival of two trains at the station.