a archaeologists have discovered a pair of burial of the end of III Millennium BC near the village of Novotitarovskaya in Dinskoy district of Krasnodar region. The mound was on the site, which will be held at the highway M-4 “don”.

It is reported by RIA Novosti. The Agency notes that according to scientists, the mound was buried a tribal leader or noble man, as evidenced by the items found was a bronze knife, silver pendants and bone piercings.

Since these burials generally were numerous, experts believe that this is not the last of their finds in the mound.

Earlier reported that the Russian and German scientists have decoded the full genome of Neanderthals that lived 80 thousand years ago in Jagerskog cave in the Altai. This was done due to the bone fragment from the finger. The remains were found in 2011 belonged to the girl whose parents belong to different subspecies of the old people — father Denisova and Neandertals.