In a number of regions of Russia power enter “mask mode” — the compulsory wearing of medical masks in public places. Sunday, may 4, Bashkiria became the next in such a region without a medical mask you can’t go out. Part of the masks are going to be giving free volunteers. A similar regime is introduced may 12 in Moscow, and in Moscow the masks are going to sell in the subway.

In the suburbs, judging by my personal observations, while the wearing of masks in public places are, so to say, without fanaticism. A significant portion of people seem to have “muzzles” on Chinese manners not to wear wants matter, considering that the coronavirus will not stick to them, and if they stick, then this is the “Russian roulette”. Or these people have etched in the memory of how recently our medical officials from Rospotrebnadzor assured that a healthy person wearing a mask is not necessary, because if it is not a third level of protection, it is from infection it will not save.

I would like to these people, whose shy in the epidemic we are witnessing is not the first week, now repented and took those back. Because the entire world has long been clear that the universal wearing of masks dramatically slows the rate of new infections. Especially in conditions when almost half of infected COVID-19 do not show any symptoms of the disease, but the infection thus spread. Also there is a strong suspicion that earlier officials as he spoke disparagingly about the masks, only because they are in the free market just was not, and the problem of availability still delayed. And now they are not everywhere. However, some prefer to purchase them is still possible.

Then the question is how this measure will be respected. In our consumer culture, unlike the Asian not in the habit of wearing face masks. Many deniers of such a culture is now more down under this kind of “ideology” strongly smacks of demagoguery. Like, why do I have to buy, let me Putin, the mayor or even a Governor, these masks will provide for free. If you are smart, it is called a lack of civil solidarity as well as social irresponsibility. And these hard-nosed “of kovediaev” I see often. It’s like they fundamentally don’t want to abide by no social distance and wanted to spit on you in the literal sense of the word. So we don’t keep increasing number of diseases for a long time. And instead of a weakening of quarantine measures after the may holidays to get them tighter.

In almost all European countries, not to mention the Asian, who now began to weaken the quarantine imposed different degrees of stiffness “mask mode”. Thus, in France masks become mandatory in public transport, in schools for pupils over 11 years old, as well as enterprises. Similar thenyadok introduced in Spain. In Germany a mask is mandatory in most lands in the public areas. Currently wearing medical masks is mandatory in more than 50 countries.

With regard to coercive measures for social distancing, this is what, for example, bloggers write about Greece, which is considered the birthplace of European democracy. There is wearing of masks is mandatory for all visitors and users of public transport, taxis, elevators, medical facilities, and staff in supermarkets and grocery shops, hairdressers and beauty salons. For violators of the norms of social distancing in one of the poorest countries of the European Union provides for the following fines: EUR 300 for unauthorized travel outside of the Prefecture of permanent residence, a thousand euros for the meetings of more than nine people, 5 thousand of Euro for the premature opening of the institution, which is impossible to work, 150 euros for appearing without a mask, where required, from 2 thousand EUR to 100 thousand euros for exceeding the number of customers in the room where the regulation established on the basis of the area schools.

You can, of course, as long as you want to shout about “digital fascism”, but reasonable people should agree that when the situation demands it, the rules of social behavior that are necessary for the public good, or accepted by society consciously and voluntarily, or for those who do not want to do such norms implanted by force, by appropriate state institutions. And this is actually a function of any normal state.